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McRogueFace - 2D Game Engine

An experimental prototype game engine built for my own use in 7DRL 2023.

Blame my wife for the name


  • C++ first, Python close behind.
  • Entity-Component system based on David Churchill's Memorial University COMP4300 course lectures available on Youtube.
  • Graphics, particles and shaders provided by SFML.
  • Pathfinding, noise generation, and other Roguelike goodness provided by TCOD.


I did the r/RoguelikeDev TCOD tutorial in Python. I loved it, but I did not want to be limited to ASCII. I want to be able to draw pixels on top of my tiles (like lines or circles) and eventually incorporate even more polish.


  • Initial Commit
  • Integrate scene, action, entity, component system from COMP4300 engine
  • Windows / Visual Studio project
  • Draw Sprites
  • Play Sounds
  • Draw UI, spawn entity from Python code
  • Python AI for entities (NPCs on set paths, enemies towards player)
  • Walking / Collision
  • "Boards" (stairs / doors / walk off edge of screen)
  • Cutscenes - interrupt normal controls, text scroll, character portraits
  • Mouse integration - tooltips, zoom, click to select targets, cursors